Saturday, February 7, 2009


"Gray Skies" in Acrylic and Oils

"Egg in the Nest" in Oils and Acrylic

"Landscape" in Oil

"Chubby Bird" in Acrylic

"Koi Fish" in Acrylic

 "Orange Leaves" in Acrylic

"Golden Crane's" in Acrylic

"Towering Weeds" in Acrylic

"Daisy's" in Oil

"Dot Flowers" in Acrylic


Stipple Portrait (Stipple means dots)
Prices start at $200

Scratch Board Portraits
Price starts at $100

Pencil sketch I was
commissioned to do as a Christmas
gift for the girls mother.

This was the picture that the family
gave me to work from

Prices start at $100 and range
from that depending on size


This one was a commissioned piece of a girls little boy.
These look great blown up as posters and framed.

Prices range depending on size.
Designed Image on Disc: $60
Printed Image Poster Size: $100
Printed Image Poster Size in Poster Frame: $150

I printed these huge and displayed them
at my brothers wedding reception.

I used words like "forever" and
"eternal" and placed them in the each of
the pictures. These are just two of five.